Construction Forklift Trainer Materials Only

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Many companies just require the materials and not a train the trainer course for their operator training requirements. This option is for companies that want the most advanced and complete training materials without the trainer course.

With access to our unique and industry leading training materials only, select this option. Your organization will have access to the modular PowerPoint, the modular operator manual, the modular test, evaluation forms, safety sign off forms, forklift specific incident report, rosters, safety sign off sheets. There are forms for site safety reviews designed for you to set forklift guidelines and policy for your specific facility. 

Videos are embeded in the PowerPoint, but all videos can be downloaded individually and there are many that are provided that are not in the presentation. These additional videos are for attachments, custom lift types, and other safety videos that you can use to enhance your training program. While the manual, and presentation cannot be modified, the roster, test and select forms are available in MSWord so you can make company specific adjustments.

Select the full Train the Trainer or call us at 888-674-9992 for more information about an on site  or the full trainer classes.

Per Company

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This training course provides materials in English and Spanish. The materials are in MS Word and can be downloaded and edited providing a custom training solution:

* The industries ONLY Modular Training System for warehouse forklifts
* Modular PowerPoint
* Embeded videos on forklift safety, accident reviews
* Lift and manufacturer specific materials and videos on each type of lift
* Telehandler
* Rough Terrain with a vertical mast
* Truck Mounted (piggyback)
* Work Platform
* Full body harness and lanyard inspection
* Pedestrian Safety
* Tip over safety
* Stability
* Center of Gravity
* Load Center

Custom Lift videos include:

* Combi

Documentation includes:

* Rosters, Safety sigh off
* Company hazards and guidelines documentation
* Site hazards review and sign off form
* Operator guide
* Operator Test (modular testing)
* Instructor Guide
* Occupant hands on Documentation
* Evaluation forms
* Equipment Authorization forms
* Incident Reports
* Custom License and operator renewal service available to qualified trainers

Duration: 3 Years
Price: $599