General Forklift Safety - 3 Lift Types

3 lift general class iThree (3) lifts for the price of one! Sit-down counterbalanced, Stand-Up counterbalanced and Electric Pallet Jack forklift license.

Forklift operators of sit-down and stand-up counterbalanced forklifts, or electric pallet jack type lifts can get a forklift license (operator certification) in about an hour. Our online class is designed to review standard forklfit safety, and operational use. This class for new and experienced operators to satisfy OSHA formal training requirement. Once the class is complete, students must be evaluated by their employer to fully satisfy the OSHA guideline.

The license is good for 3 years (based on OSHA guideline) and is good for 3 types of lifts (sit-down, stand-up Counterbalanced and electric pallet jack.

Class available in English and Spanish.

Duration: 3 Years
Price: $69