Forklift University has been at the forfront of operator training since early 2005 and while our roots are solidly ground in the southwest United States, we have grown to cover the entire country and have even branched into the United Kingdom and Canada over the last few years.

When we started, the main goal was to help people in Las Vegas learn a good skill and find great jobs to support their families. We began with individual certifications and driver training classes and worked with the Nevada Workforce Investment and Job Connect to build a training path for anyone that wanted to learn. We worked with Urban league, and other groups to help ex-felons re-enter the work force and become productive members of the community. Forklift University was the first true driver training provider in the country, with full day driving classes (we still do that today).

As we branched out to support the business community, we built relationships with the casinos, Hoover Dam, and local businesses. The training we provided at their facilities helped to keep their people safe, and the job openings they provided us helped our students get entry level forklfit jobs as well. Company operator training turned into Forklift Train the Trainer classes and customized site specific training and job hazard analysis for out clients.

Today, we still provide those services but we have reached out and grown to offer the most comprehensive training materials in the industry. We have the ONLY MODULAR TRAINING PROGRAM in the country and our materials are used by forklfit dealers and other trainnig companies around the world. And as the world has moved to a more digital place, our classes have moved to keep pace. We now offer driver training with Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators, and make these systems available to schools, staffing agencies, other training companies and organizations that want to reach the new and younger forklift operator.

College of Southern Nevada is one of our flagship programs with a combination of educational based forklift training cirriculum, forklift simulators and hands on driver training programs. While high schlools and continuing education schools are utilizing our distance learn programs, simulators and our specially designed classroom cirriculum.

Overall, Forklift University has become the leader in all classes forklift safety training and we also support the new ANSI Standards for aerial lifts, now called Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWP.

Our individual training center in Las Vegas provides hands on driver training for those with little to no forklift driving experience. The facility offers driver training with sit-down and stand up reach lifts so operators can get quality hands on driver training. But we go above and beyond with virtual reality forklift simulators that provide a safe and structured environment for new operator training.

Companies can benifit from our training programs as well, with on site operator training programs and train the trainer programs that are custom for each client, Forklift University provides trainining that goes beyond the OSHA 1910.178 standard.

For more information contact us at 888-674-9992 or use the contact for for more information.

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