MEWP (Aerial) Operator All Lift Types

mewp aerialoperator all lifts online class iMEWP (aerial lift) operator class covers all classifications of mobile elevating work platforms. This inculdes aerial booms both straight and articulating, scissor lifts, personal lift (single person) lift devices, bucket trucks and forklift work platforms.

This class will take about 90 minutes to complete and will provide the operator with an operator license and access to a MEWP evaluation form for the employer.

MEWP or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are the new name for aerial lift equipment. Boom lifts, scissor lifts, bucket trucks, forklift work platforms are all now classified under the new ANSI Standards A92.22 & A92.24 effective in 2020.

With this new standard not only do operators require training but occupants and supervisors. Each of the classes are designed to review the general safety of the lifts and after a short quiz, print a certificate or temportary license depending on the class.

Duration: 3 Years
Price: $79