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Forklift University provides OSHA compliant in-person and on-line training classes for Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (aerial lifts).

Since 2005 Forklift University has provided forklift and aerial lift training around the country. We have on-site and online programs for operators or trainers, and provide custom branded training programs for dealers and companies.
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Introducing the NEXT Generation of forklift training tools, Virtual Forklift Simulator.
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Forklift or Aerial Lift Training Options


OSHA Guidelines 1910.178 require that all operators of powered industrial trucks (forklifts) must be trained and authorized before using any forklift at a job site. Forklift University offers several programs to help companies comply with these requirements.

Online operator training is allowed by OSHA and can be completed in about an hour. Use one of the online options below and you or your operators can take an online class to satisfy the formal training part of the requirement. You will still need a qualified person to perform a skills assessment prior to allowing the operator to use the lift.

Online classes are good for 3 years and most include a digital license and a hard plastic operator license. *MEWP Occupant and Supervisor DO NOT include the plastic card.

All the classes have both English and Spanish options.

For companies that require instruction to be done at their facility, Forklift University has trainers all over the country that can perform the required operator training at your facility. Our experienced operators will conduct classes with your operators (new or experienced) and do the operator evaluations on the lifts at your facility.

Training classes are 100% OSHA compliant and provide the operator with a 3 year certification card and operator evaluation documents ensuring that your organization has qualified operators. Trainers can also perform driver training at your facility for companies that have new equipment or new operators that have never driven a powered industrial truck. (there may be travel charges associated with this training).

While many operators already have the experience to safely operate a forklift, many people are looking for new opportunities in the essential industry of material handling. Those that have been out of the industry for a while or those that have never driven, may benifit from a hands on driving course.

Currently our hands on driving facility is only in the Las Vegas area and is setup to do sit-down forklift training by appointment. These classes are a full day of instruction and driving and class size is limited to provide maximum seat time for our students.

If you are looking for a forkift driving course, please contact our office by phone at 888-674-9992 and our career councelours can help you to see if a driving class will be benificial to your career.

Forklift University works with job placement and state agencies that can help those that qualify to pay for training programs.

As technology advances improve, training options are expanding. Forklift University in conjunction with Virtual Forklift now offer Virtual Reality forklift simulators that are designed for immersive hands on forklift training. Combining a forklift simulator with your forklift training materials can help your new and experienced operators to develop safe operating habits without the danger of live driver training.

Virtual forkift simulators are perfect for staffing agencies, job training organizations, schools and companies that want to work with the new style employee.

Unlike other VR simulator companies, Forklift University, provides Train the Trainer materials that you can use to teach your operators in conjunction to the VR training. Schools receive a full forklift training cirruculum that can be used to teach all levels of students looking for skills to enter the work force with comprehensive training. For more information, please visit


Receive a FREE FLATFORK with a new ONSITE Train the Trainer.*

Train the Trainer programs with Forklift University are the most advanced and flexible in the industry. Not only are they used by large and small companies, but forklift dealers and other training companies rely on the indepth training materials, easy of presentaion and quality of the training programs.

Trainers will spend time with our experienced instructors and learn not only how to deliver the training but they will learn about how to protect your organization from OSHA fines and operator injuries. Training is available for all Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) as well as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (aerial lifts) now called MEWP.

Trainers are provided 27/7/365 access to all videos and materials. Unlike other companies training materials, all training forms, manuals, and tests are in MSWord and can be modified and branded for your organization.

*1 Flatfork per company.

*Must be a full price train the trainer class at your facility.

Companies that are looking for specialized training programs can count on Forklift University to deliver custom training materials, computer based training systems and targeted training videos. While the standard training materials are OSHA compliant, it is best to develop a training program for your organization and processes.

With LMS and computer learning systems and developers that not only understand our industry but understand the best way to deliver the training to your operators, Forklift University is far superior to even the dealer training programs.

We have programs with our Hybrid Training system that will take the mundane training tasks off your trainers and let them focus on the site safety training and the hands on evaluation portion of the guidelines. We develop forklift and aerial lift training, that is targeted to each location and equipment in different departments. Training systems can be multi-lingual and cross different countries.

All of the training programs are all translated for the Spanish speaker, but programs have been developed in custom environments for other languages. If you need Spanish materials consider it done, but if you need something special let us know and we will work out the translation so your operators can learn in the language that is best for their learning environment.

alfredo gilbuena jrAll online classes come with both a digital card that can be printed at the end of the test and a hard plastic license with the operators picture (picture must be sent in to process). And all operator training classes and trainer classes include a license with the lift equipment listed.

Trainers can also purchase custom company licenses for the operators at the company providing a professional branded forklift license. This service also comes with renewal tracking an document storage so your next OSHA audit will be easy and have all the documents required by OSHA.

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