OSHA Forklift & MEWP Training in Los Angeles

OSHA requires that any operator of a PIT or Powered Industrial Truck, aka forklift, or MEWP, aka aerial lift, be trained and authorized by their employer before operating this lift. Forklift University has been training and certifying operators of all types of forklifts, aerial lifts since 2005 in the Los Angeles area. 

Understanding the unique environment and diversity in the workforce in Los Angeles, CA. is important to deliver effective training programs to this community. Our training materials are available in both English and Spanish and our staff is uniquely qualified to deliver on-site training to your operators. For those that are looking to do in-house training, we have the most complete and customizable Train the Trainer program in the industry.

Our training materials will cover not only forklifts like the standard sit-down and electric pallet jack, but we  have training programs and materials for telehandlers (boom or rough terrain forklifts), tuggers, burden carriers (carts) yard tractors (yard dogs), reach lifts, turret trucks, order pickers, fall protection, walkie stackers, walkie riders, electric pallet jacks, manual pallet jacks, bee forklifts, personal lift devices, scissor lifts, boom lifts, bucket trucks, mobile boom lifts, manual lifts, and more. We cover any MEWP or PIT you may have and all the attachments that go with them. 

For a quote or more information about our OSHA training programs in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in California, call us at 888-674-9992 or fill out the contact form on this page and we will get back to you promptly.

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Forklift University Training Programs

Warehouse Forklift Training Programs

There are many different types of Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) used in warehouse situations. OSHA requires that companies not only do general forklift safety training but equipment and site-specific training for their operators. 

There are many options available to you as an employer to train your operators and finding the best fit for your company is what we do. We have on-site and online options, train the trainer at your site or over video conference, we can standardize your training programs across all your locations and we can take the time to help you or your trainers or supervisors build a site hazard awareness profile that can be used for training and upgrade your OSHA compliance. 

Part of this exceptional service is to provide training materials, videos, tests and operator evaluations that are equipment specific. Even if you have many different lifts in your facility, we have programs that can address each of them. Even order picker operators will receive fall protection training as it relates to the lift and your site. 

Whether you have a single location or hundreds, we can and will support you from the start. Call our office for more information and discuss your needs and requirements. We are sure we have or can create the perfect solution for your company.

Telehandler Training

Telehandler forklifts are typically used on construction sites and they go by many names, boom forklifts, shooting boom, GEHL, JLG, Reach lift, Telescopic handlers and more. But basically they are a forklift without a mast because the forks extend out and up at the end of a telescoping pole or arm. 

Because these lifts do not have a vertical mast and they have many more control options and driving options,. It is important to find a training company that has the experience and trainng materials to address the unique situations this type of lift can encounter. Forklift University has the experience and training materials to help you with this specialized lift. The training can also address the special situations that arise in construction sites and even in shipyards where we have done training. 

Job-site training is also an option, we have done these classes on job sites where OSHA had already issued citations and our trainers were able to do training on the job and help the sub-contractor become compliant and save the contract with the general.  

So for an experienced training partner, contact Forklift University at 888-674-9992 today.

MEWP (Aerial Lift) Training

Beginning in December 2019 OSHA will begin to enforce the new ANSI standards for what the industry used to refer to as Aerial Work Platforms. Under the new regulations, aerial lift equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts, bucket trucks, and others will be called MEWP's or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

But the name is not all that has changed. So beginning in December, not only operators will require training, but supervisors and occupants (passengers) will require training. 

Companies will also be required to have a WRITTEN safety plan, adhere to other requirements that were previously not necessary. Rescue plans are also part of the new requirement and equipment must be inspected by a qualified mechanic ANNUALLY (13 months). 

Occupant Training is a new requirement, but anyone that is a passenger in a MEWP must have familiarity training about the lift they are riding in and be trained on the use of the controls so they can bring the lift down on an emergency. This class is available online and for a limited time, FREE, from Forklift University. 

Operator Training has been required since 2005, but now operators must not only know how to operate the lift but they must have a written rescue and safety plan or do one prior to use. Operators must also make sure that occupants have training on the basic operations of a MEWP and know how to lower it in an emergency. 

Supervisors must now be trained, but they don't have the same type of class as operators or occupants. They are responsible for knowing the correct type of MEWP to select for the job and must either create or make sure the operator creates the written rescue and safety plans. They must also make sure that all the ANSI A92.22/A92.24 regulations are followed and inspection forms and fall protection devices are working and inspected before use by the operator/occupant and annually by a qualified professional. 

Don't leave your MEWP training to chance, OSHA will begin enforcing these new ANSI guidelines in 2020 so contact Forklift University at 888-674-9992 to make sure you and your company are ready and safe.

Tugger, Burden Carrier, Yard Tractor Training

Tuggers, carts, burden carriers, yard tractors seem to be the forgotten Powered Industrial Trucks of the industry. Tuggers are a common product moving tool used in many manufacturing companies around the country. Forklift University has one of the only tugger specific training programs with manual, videos and all the supporting documentation just like our forklift classes. 

We have provided tugger Train the Trainer classes for the Tampa Times Newspaper, Hussman, Hyundai vendors, and many other organizations around the country. We not only have materials for this type of vehicle but videos and quality training. Don't let your forklift company do pallet jack training for your tugger operators, get them the right training for the equipment they are using. 

Beyond tuggers, Forklift University has the training and video training materials for Yard Tractors also called Yard Dogs, and Cushman and other manufacturer burden carriers like carts and order pullers. 

For those that operate tuggers at airports, our training program will support your tugger operators and help them to remain OSHA and FAA compliant. 

To schedule your training class, call our offices at 888.674.9992 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Train the Trainer On-Site and On-Line

There is NO Substitute for a top of the line Train the Trainer course conducted at your facility with your equipment. Forklift University specializes in on-site forklift and MEWP (aerial lift) Train the Trainer courses and our training staff is located around the country to make sure that your training is custom to you and your organization. 

The onsite class provides a day of instruction as well as a facility walkthrough to help you develop a site company-specific safety plan, and if you have multiple locations, we can visit each and train your local supervisors and help them with this plan as well. 

However, we also realize that there are many instructors around the country and the world that could benefit from our many years of experience and access to our extensive library of training materials and videos. And sometimes it is just not feasible to have an instructor visit your location. 

With this in mind, Forklift University has developed an online Train the Trainer class that will provide extensive training online to those instructors and organizations that would prefer to take the training online. With this course, we do provide video conferencing time to work with and help your instructors to grasp the training material and learn the best way to deliver clear and interesting training classes. 

No matter which option you choose, Onsite or online, your instructors will have full 24/7/365 access to our custom materials and allow them to build a custom training program for your facility. And our senior instructor is available by phone, and video conference after the class providing continuing support even after the class. 

The Train the Trainer class comes with modular options, so you can order the materials that fit best with your organization. Modules are separated to offer training and materials on:

  • Warehouse Forklifts
    • Stand-up, Sit-down, All Pallet Jacks, Walkie Riders, Walkie Stackers, Truck Mounted, Reach, OrderPickers, Stand-up counterbalanced and more.
  • Telehandler Forklifts
  • Tugger and Burden Carriers
  • MEWP's
    • All Aerial lifts including Scissor lifts, Boom lifts, Bucket Trucks, Personal Lift Devices, and more. 

Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators

RV21 683x1024Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators, the future of forklift operator training is here!

Forklift University is proud to announce our partnership with Really-Virtual a next-generation forklift simulator company that provides a real warehouse driving and training simulation that can help companies to safely train operators in general forklift operations or with custom programs like the ones we do with General Electric. 

Forklift simulators are no longer games (many other options are just that), by using the latest Oculus VR headsets, real forklift seats, 2 and 3-foot pedal options and a custom lift control with lift, tilt, side shift, and attachments control, operators get a real-world training experience. 

These simulators come in 2 styles, Mobile that will allow setup easily on most any table and premium that is a fully self-contained unit. 

These training systems are great for companies that want to reinforce good operator habits, staffing agencies that want to offer proof of candidate skills and schools that want to begin to train the student for real-world job opportunities. MainMenu 1024x576

For more information on our Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators, contact us at 888-674-9992 or check out our VR Simulator web site at www.VirtualForklift.com 

Support after the Sale and Training is Vital to your Success

At Forklift University, we pride ourselves on our support after the sale and after the training session. Our company trainers are experienced and make sure that you and your students have the appropriate training, materials, and information so you never need to worry about OSHA compliance or the quality of your training. 

If you need us to return to your facility and review any safety issues or compliance information we are only too happy to help. We have online training programs, online video support and video conference options for those that need us sooner than we can get to your site. Train the Trainer WebLogin 512

Many of our customers use our services to help build their training manuals and some even use us to build custom video training modules that make sure that the training you are providing your employees is on,  company, site, equipment and sometimes job-specific operations. 

With companies that have special attachments, we can create a custom training program to address the training and safe operation of these unique attachments. 

Don't settle for just another basic training program, excel and step up your training with the support and service of the industry leader in forklift training. 

Forklift University also has Virtual Reality Forklift Simulators that can create a unique training environment for your operators and address site operator issues in a safe and controlled environment.

National and International Accounts

For those organizations that are larger than 5 locations, Forklift University is the only national and international solution for you. Our modular training systems are scalable and designed to not only handle the single shop but work exceptionally well with very large organizations with many locations around the country and around the world. 

Currently, we have clients that have more than 60 global locations, some in Canada and the UK. We make sure that those facilities comply with the country as well as a province or state requirements. With localized and corporate training materials, our program will reference and train on the corporate culture but provide local hazard assessment and local compliance. 

Our training staff is well versed in travel and can provide both video conference training and onsite training no matter how many locations you have. 

Some of our national and international customers include:

Consolidated Container Company, Reyes Coca-Cola, Reyes Beverage, 4Wall Entertainment, Procter & Gamble, Bimbo Bakeries, Toyota Manufacturing, Kohler, Hoover Dam, Hantover, and many others.

Online Training Options

For those that cannot do on-site training, we offer video training options where you still get the same great individual training as the onsite but over video conference in a one on one setting. Budget-conscious customers can select a fully online option with access to all the same materials but the trainer training program is automated with a full LMS (Learning Management System) like online high-schools and colleges. 

Forklift U Chalk board

Forklift University provides OSHA compliant in-person and on-line training classes for Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (aerial lifts).

Since 2005 Forklift University has provided forklift and aerial lift training around the country. We have on-site and online programs for operators or trainers, and provide custom branded training programs for dealers and companies.
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