Not all virtual reality forklift simulators are the same. Most are just a game, desiged to pretend to teach forklift driving and safety, but in reality they fall way short of a real training tool. The forklift simulator from Virtual Forklift is designed by forklift trainers for forklift trainers, and can train forklift operators the proper and safe way to operate a Powered Industrial Truck!

The system is designed to be modular, with easy to setup and implement. This system is great for companies that want to provide a safe environment for new hire training, for staffing agencies that want to not only certify, but test candidate skills. Highschools, colleges and trade schools can also benifit, since this system is the only one that has a full forklift safety cirriculum available designed to integrate with Google Classroom or your own LMS. Don't just buy a single dimension toy, look at a real virtual solution with the forklift simulator from Virtual Forklift.

Forklift University is an authorized dealer for Virtual Forklift, this ensures that your training is from your OSHA compliant training providor, not a gamer that has never certified an operator in real life.

Modular Design

The modular training design allows for flexible and targeted training options. Trainers can train for specific tasks, provide refresher traiing or with a custom environment comply with the OSHA evaluation requirement.

Fold n Go

The Fold n Go mobile design is completetly self-contained and allows a trainer to setup in less than 30 minutes and travel with a full system in the trunk of a car.

Immersive Platform

The basic immersive platform provides a stationary training unit with a standard forklift seat, and structured steering controls for a more realistic experience.

Realistic Platform

NEW for 2023! Virtual Forklift is the only forklift simulator company that has a realistic forklift training platform. Built to look and feel like a real forklift, this option has an overhead guard so when you drive backwards there is a real place for your hand.


Why Virtual Forklift?


By Trainers for Trainers

“Tools not Toys, serious training tools for serious training”

After representing other virtual forklift simulator companies, Forklift University and other forklift training dealers came together to build the only forklift simulator that was designed by trainers for real training. The sytstem is not about rodeos, games, or listening to the "matix" guy ask about a red pill or blue pill.

As trainers we wanted tools that could be used to comply with the OSHA guidelines, training modules that taught real life industry skills and addressed the training needs around dangerous situations we all deal with every day.

More productivity Less VR Sickness.

Most forklift simulators, especially the ones using Oculus have a major flaw! Yes it is true, they make you very very sick if you are not a gamer or are sensitive to VR sickness. Many other companies use flat TV screens to reduce this effect.

But the Virtual Forklift solution does not use low quality VR headsets, but the very high resolution and professional quality of the HTC VIVE Pro2. This VR head set system boasts of ultra high resoltion, like wearing a 5K tv in front of your eyes. And this high quality combined with ultra high resolution graphics design reduces the VR sickness by over 90%.

Alienware Inside

All Virtual Forklift Simulators are powered by the top of the fastest possible Alieware computer combined with the most advanced and fastest graphics card from NVIDIA (4080).

With top of the line computers our systems can reach 100fps, reducing VR sickness and providing the best possible operator experience. By comparison, Oculus is lucky to get to 50fps, causing VR sickness in most people when driving a forklift simulator.


Trainers LOVE the Virtual Forklift Simulator


"We had no idea the expertice and training we would get with Forklift University, they more than exceeded our expectations"


"This simulator combined with their exceptional training materials will help our onboarding process 100%"


“This is the only simulator company that will build the VR around our facility look and feel”

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More productivity
Less burn out.

Training Modules

Because the system is modular, customers can purchase training in bundles, or individually. Additional modules can be added at any time, and every customer has access to ALL modules for the first 30 days so they can see and select the modules in their bundle.

Modules are divided into Standard and Advanced. Standard modules are designed to provide the basic operation for that task, while Advanced modules teach advanced concepts or special attachment use. For more information on the available modules, download the Virtual Forklift Simulator brochure to your right.

Short Modules for Targeted Training

The entire training concept behind the Virtual Forklift Simulator is based on short training modules. Athletes use drills to break down the skills they need to compete at a very high level, and this system utilizes that concept to build individual skill sets that teach operators safety skills they can then apply to their workplace. Much like a coach, the simulator modules allow targeted training without the burnout.

Virtual Forklift Simulator Brochure

forku virtual forklift simulator brocure

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