Frequently Asked Questions

Help with Login
  • My user name or login is not working.
    • First make sure you are logging into the correct training site.
      • Train the Trainer clients need to use the Login to Train the Trainer site button, or go to to login for the trainer materials.
      • IATSE, Arnold, All Purpose, Kohler, Reyes Coke, Zobele, all have their own training sites.
      • Use the menu option for CUSTOM TRAINING and select your organization
      • Try your login there, if you still have an issue use the contact form for support
  • What is my Login Name?
    • It should be your full email address
  • My password is not working.
    • Use the lost password option
  • Can I reset my password?
    • YES, use forgot password or change it in your profile
  • I got locked out, what now?
    • Your IP will be relaeased in 30 minutes
    • Try to reset your password before trying again.
    • IF you get locked out 9 times you will be put on an account lockdown and you must contact support to be released.
    • Use a different IP Address, like a hot spot
  • If you login and you do not have access to the class contact support
    • Check your profile and make sure you are entered into the correct class

Contact Support