3 Good Reasons for Forklift Training

multi lift stand sit pallet squareForklift Training and operator certification is required by OSHA for anyone that is using a Powered Industrial Truck. Many companies across the country still do not understand the value in training their operators, or they are providing the minimal requirements without realizing the value in quality training.

  1. Operators who receive quality training are safer and will reduce losses from damaged product.
  2. Forklift Drivers that are trained will be aware of dangerous situations in your facility and reduce the chance of injury to themselves, your visiting customers or other workers in the warehouse or job site.
  3. If an accident happens, OSHA will not be able to cite you for improper or inadequate training, and you will have greater protection if any injured parties sue you. In addition, untrained operators can cost your company as much as $12,500 per un-trained forklift operator.

While these seem to be common sense and something every company would recognize, many companies don’t see training as a value, or they don’t want to take the time to train operators because it takes away from the work day.

In reality, forklift training only takes a couple hours, it should be done at your facility and the operators should be evaluated at your work place on the lifts they use every day.  A quality training program will not only discuss the OSHA forklift safety guidelines, but will also discuss and when necessary build safety procedures around any hazards in your facility.

For more information about building an affordable safety program for your company and training your forklift operators with the real skills they need to do their job safely and efficiently contact Forklift University at 888-674-9992 or visit our web site at www.ForkliftUniversity.com.