NEW Training Methods Reach Young Workers

VR MobileAre we doing our younger forklift drivers a dis-service by using old methods of operator training?

It’s the millennial generation, they are digital, mobile and require training that captivates and teaches in a more visual manner. While every operator will still need training in the physical world on a real lift before being put to work, a Virtual Forklift Simulator can help them build the skills, and good driving habits in a safe and controlled environment.

Virtual Forklift Simulators are not a game, but a highly advanced forklift simulator that is an immersive training tool that the gaming generation will understand and adapt to, much more quickly than their parents.

But research shows that the brain only retains 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears and 80% of what it experiences. Correct, 80% of what it experiences, and a Virtual Forklift Simulator with augmented reality by way of a high resolution head set (not the toy of an Oculus headset from Facebook) and high-end VR programming that immerses the operator into a full warehouse situation. This training is definitely the next generation of forklift safety training.

But how will the millennial generation accept this new training technique, good question. From new studies that have been taken from other industries that have implemented VR into their organizations, not only have the millenelias been quick to adapt, but even older less “gamer” workers embraced the training techniques.

Let Forklift University set your training programs for the next generation and let us demo our system today, call us at 888-674-9992 for more information.